Service of Process in Southern California

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Difficult Service of Process

Mockridge Investigations offers our clients professional investigators who are also licensed process servers. Our team specializes in seeking out those who are especially difficult to serve. Despite their best attempts at eluding the legal system, our firm’s commitment to locating hard to find people combined with our tried and true tactics have allowed us to find success in accomplishing these more challenging service of process assignments so that we may ensure the delivery of the required affidavit of service. You can count on us not to give up, no matter how demanding the job.

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Locate for Service

Any investigation company can tell you where your subject lives, but our staff is trained to go above and beyond to provide specific details that include the subject’s daily schedule and location. This increases the chances for a smooth, fast and error-free service of process. With Mockridge Investigations, you never have to wonder if your service has been completed.

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Nationwide Rush Services

Our process servers are able to produce national results on a rush basis. Utilizing our nationwide network of agents and extensive list of resources, we can take care of even the most strenuous service of process tasks in all 50 US states. Wherever your subject may be, whether out of state or hiding out locally, we will find them and make certain your documents are served without delay.