Our Team

Paul Mockridge

Paul Mockridge is a licensed Private Investigator and a Registered Process Server with 26 years of experience in the private investigation industry. Paul spent 18 years as the Director of Field Operations for one of the nation’s largest investigation companies. During this time, he created and crafted investigative techniques used specifically for difficult service of process. Paul is an expert in locating evasive witnesses and defendants. He specializes in serving wealthy defendants who have the resources to move about the country freely while hiding behind private security and gated residences.

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Nationwide Network

The team of private investigators and process servers that Mockridge Investigations has put together spanning the nation is second to none. We employ a large network of licensed investigators experienced in field operations and registered process servers who are familiar with local laws and rules for appropriately serving your documents. Our firm has a reputation for rising to the occasion when it involves particularly difficult service of process so that we may alleviate the burden for individuals, businesses, attorneys and financial institutions.