Private Investigators in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles skyline, one of the locations Mockridge Investigations can look into private matters for you

Mockridge Investigations sets the bar high by providing clients with the services of the most professional and trustworthy investigators in Los Angeles. Years of experience and a vast amount of resources in the area makes us capable of handling any request you may have, and we specialize in inquiries that seem especially complex and elaborate. We understand that paying attention to even the smallest details is important to the process of gathering all the information that our clients wish to obtain. We work as quick as possible because we value their time and need for peace of mind.


An image of a magnifying glass, representing the investigation process available from Mockridge Investigations

We are a full service private investigation agency offering asset searches, infidelity investigations, background checks, service of process, surveillance, locate investigations and help with intellectual property infringement. The licensed investigators at Mockridge are very knowledgeable and clever in their approach to generating solutions to get the job done while maintaining client confidentiality at all times.


Whether it’s for a legal case, business venture or individual awareness, you can count on us when you need fast and accurate details. We have the ability to pick up the pieces and put together the puzzle when other firms are unable to deliver. There is no concern that could be presented to us that would be too difficult to investigate and clarify.


Contact Mockridge Investigations today to get more information on what we can do for you. Our Los Angeles investigators are some of the best in the business and are dedicated to helping our clients find answers and resolve the tough issues they may be facing.