Intellectual Properties in Southern California

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  • Identify Products Locations Impact, and Profits
  • Identify Ownership of Infringement
  • Identify Import Location and Ports of Origin.
  • Purchase Products and Maintain a Secure Chain of Custody for Trial
  • Identify Production and Distribution (when applicable)
  • Identify and Locate Storage Facilities
Copyright, Trade Name and Brand Protection, Industrial Design Rights. Protection and Recovery of Infringement and Misappropriation, Recovery of Fraudulent Gains and Lost Profits.

Whether you’re a well-known corporation or an individual with innovative ideas, if your intellectual property rights have been violated, Mockridge Investigations can help. Our intellectual property investigators are committed to working quickly and persistently to put a stop to any proven infringements and recover the protection of copyrights and industrial properties belonging to our clients.

Unauthorized use of intellectual property happens quite often, and it can be a complicated process gathering the information necessary to reclaim your exclusive rights. Fortunately, our specialists are trained to identify where, when and by whom the misconduct took place. We will provide you with accurate evidence, expert guidance and suitable solutions to aid you in the battle against intellectual property exploitation.

It is our goal to safeguard your creativity in the form of branding, patents, trademarks and anything else defined as intellectual property through our elaborate investigation methods.