Infidelity Investigations

A magnifying glass investigating a hard drive for signs of infidelity


  • The act of being unfaithful to a spouse or sexual partner.
  • Peoples interpretation of infidelity vary from one individual to another. Some feel cheating must have sexual contact, While others may consider online flirting or texting as cheating. Either way, it is the act of dishonesty, secrecy and deceit that is so damaging to a relationship.
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Signs of cheating

  • Changes in appearance, dress and grooming habits.
  • Changes in eating habits.
  • Changes in daily routine
  • Unusual computer and or texting behavior
  • Changes or lack of intimacy
  • Hidden money or missing assets.
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Your spouses activities can be uncovered in different ways, each case is unique.Surveillance with video documentation may be required to answer your questions or it may be as simple as providing you with the tools and knowledge of what to look for. At this point you have probably become an expert in identifying suspicious clues and activities. We are here to help you answer those questions.Contact our seasoned investigative staff for a free consultation and take the first step toward answering those difficult questions.
  • Surveillance: Our team will obtain video documentation of the subjects activities. Our investigators are also qualified to testify in court when necessary.
  • Assets: In certain cases our team can determine if the subject has hidden assets from you and the subjects spending habits.
  • Location: Under certain circumstances, our team can determine the subjects activities and location without the expense of conducting surveillance.
  • Online and Texting Activities: Our team can help you obtain these records when legally permitted within the law.
  • Sometimes the only solution is knowledge. Physiologists have long said facing the truth is the first step to normalcy. Not knowing the truth causes your mind to run through hundreds of possible scenarios causing unbearable stress and undo pain.