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Infidelity Investigations in Orange County

Orange County, one of the locations where Mockridge Investigations investigates claims of infidelityFinding out that your suspicions were correct about your wife or husband cheating is extremely heartbreaking and difficult to face, but often, the uncertainty of not knowing for sure is just as painful to deal with. The Orange County investigators at Mockridge Investigations are here to help you figure out whether or not the uneasiness you feel about your spouse’s faithfulness is valid. We have extensive experience handling this type of sensitive situation and will do everything we can through our infidelity investigations to get you results quickly so that you may move forward with your life.

A picture of a woman removing a wedding ring, indicating infidelity, which Mockridge Investigation can look into

Whether you wish to verify the actions of a cheating wife or husband for your own peace of mind or want evidence to use in a divorce or custody case, we can deliver. Our investigators utilize a wide range of resources and up-to-date equipment and technology during our surveillance of your partner. We approach each assignment with discretion and creative strategies to ensure that we don’t miss a thing. If an affair is, in fact, taking place, there is no doubt that our thorough infidelity investigations will find you the solid proof you need.


Our goal is to assist you in gaining clear perspective on the current state of your relationship by bringing the truth to light once and for all. Whatever the outcome of our infidelity investigations may be, you will be able to leave the suspicions behind and decide where to go from there. Contact Mockridge Investigations for more information on our Orange County services.