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Background Investigations in Orange County

Orange County, one of the locations Mockridge Investigations provides background investigation servicesIt’s logical for you to want to get all the facts before making a final decision about a potential financial venture, and this is especially true when it concerns something as significant as acquiring a new business partner or hiring an employee to represent your company. That is why it is our goal at Mockridge Investigations to provide you with detailed and relevant background information on your subject of interest through our business partner and pre-employment investigation services so that you may make those decisions with certainty and not have any lingering doubts. Our Orange County investigators have years of experience conducting reliable background investigations to fit the needs of a wide array of situations.


An image of a magnifying glass over a person in a crowd, representing background investigation, one of the services provided by Mockridge Investigations

Many people exhaust their efforts and wallets trying to get material on their own, only to come up empty-handed or with useless data that could have been found on any public record. We have the time, resources and insight required to go above and beyond in our background investigation services and explore many avenues that aren’t open to the general public in order to find specific answers that will satisfy your request.


Though we know how important pre-employment and business partner investigations are in particular, those are only a couple of areas that we specialize in at Mockridge. We also work with attorneys and individuals who have their own reasons for seeking out our expertise in the investigative industry.


Clients can appreciate our ethical practices and complete discretion in carrying out each assignment. Call Mockridge Investigations today for more information on how to obtain a comprehensive background investigation report in the Orange County region.