Private Asset Searches in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Skyline, one of the locations where Mockridge Investigations provides asset searchesMockridge Investigations provides our Los Angeles clients with superior asset search services. We understand how important it is to recover money that you are entitled to or get all the facts before you enter into a business partnership with someone. This is why we make it our policy to diligently continue our financial investigations until we are able to present complete information on the identity and location of the assets you have requested.


By conducting thorough asset searches, our experienced investigators have proven time and time again their ability to unearth money and other valuables that were meant to be kept hidden. Though it may take extra time, effort, knowledge and resources, money can almost always be traced through a trail of evidence that’s unknowingly been left behind. Discovering and exposing that trail is what we’re committed to doing for our clients at Mockridge.


An image of a magnifying glass over a stack of coins, representing asset searches, one of the services provided by Mockridge Investigations

There are several reasons for needing an asset search completed. Pre-trial investigations may help an attorney and their client decide if it’s economically worth it to pursue a lawsuit against another party in the first place. In addition, our research can help with judgement enforcement once a court settlement has been awarded. Individuals going through a divorce or a business that is dealing with employee theft can also benefit from our services. Whatever your particular case is, you can be certain that our financial investigations are handled in private and with anonymity, regardless of the type of assignment, and we do everything we can to provide a quick turnaround as well.


While other agencies may fail to find what you’re looking for, we are confident that Mockridge Investigations will prevail. Contact us today for more information on getting your Los Angeles asset search underway.